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German-Argentinian vocalist and composer Sabeth Pérez made her recording debut at the age of 12. She started out with folkloric music from South America in large ensembles, her crystal clear voice seamlessly blending into the complex structures. Pérez has worked with prestigious large ensembles, such as the WDR Big Band, the Frankfurt Radio Big Band, the Cologne Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, and the EOS Chamber Orchestra. Pérez was a featured artist in the WDR Bigband’s performance with multiple Grammy award winning composer and pianist Billy Childs, taking place in the Cologne Philharmonic. For her Masters Degree of Jazz Voice in New York, which Sabeth finished in 2020, she received the DAAD scholarship as well as a grant from the German Ministry of Culture two years in a row.

Over the past three years, she has had the pleasure of sharing stages and recording studios with acclaimed musicians and conductors such as John Beasley, Jim McNeely, the Uptown Jazz Tentet, Billy Childs, Lula Galvão, Henry Cole, Luciano Biondini, and Jon Cowherd.

•Concerts and CD- Recordings with the WDR- Big Band

•Concerts with the WDR- Big Band and Billy Childs

•DIZZY’z Jazzclub- various large ensemble projects led by

John Beasley, Jim McNeely and the Uptown Jazz Tentet

•BuJazzO large ensemble led by John Hollenbeck

•CD- Recording w/ SoundtripOrchestra feat. Chris Potter (“Guaraní”)

•CD- Recording with the BuJazzO & Niels Klein (Groove And The Abstract Truth)

•Concerts and CD- Recordings with the Cologne Contemporary Jazz  Orchestra

•Concerts with the Bigband of the Hessian Broadcast (hr) with Live- Recordings

•Luciano Biondini, Afra Mussawisade and Heiner Wiberny

•Concerts with the Sunday Night Orchestra/ Nürnberg

•Youth- Jazz- Orchestra NRW

EOS Chamber Orchestra / Cologne

•Grand Central Orchestra / Cologne

•Recordings for Minino Garay, Gustavo Beytelmann/ Paris

•Duo Biondini/Pérez w/ Luciano Biondini (acc)

Marc Doffey Quintett (w/ B. Burkert, T. Kolarczyk, F. Rösch)

•Of Cabbages And Kings, Vocal Ensemble (Album “Aura”)

•CD- Recording w/ SoundtripOrchestra feat. Chris Potter

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