Sabeth Pérez (1992) is a singer and composer currently a graduate student at Manhattan School Of Music, New York.

Grown up with traditional Argentinian music as well as Jazz, she started singing instrumental lines as part of a big ensemble, soon taking on the role of a soloist as well:

•Concerts and CD- Recordings with the WDR- Big Band

•BuJazzO w/ John Hollenbeck,

•CD- Recording with the BuJazzO & Niels Klein (Groove And The Abstract Truth)

•Concerts and CD- Recordings with the Cologne Contemporary Jazz  Orchestra

•Concerts with the Bigband of the Hessian Broadcast with Live- Recordings

•Luciano Biondini, Afra Mussawisade and Heiner Wiberny

•Concerts with the Sunday Night Orchestra/ Nürnberg

•Youth- Jazz- Orchestra NRW

EOS Chamber Orchestra / Cologne

•Grand Central Orchestra / Cologne

•MusikschulBB d. Rhein. Musikschule w/ Denis Gäbel, Matthias Bergmann

•Recordings for Minino Garay, Gustavo Beytelmann/ Paris

She composes and arranges for various ensembles:

Sabeth Pérez Quartett 

Duo Biondini/Pérez w/ Luciano Biondini (acc)

Marc Doffey Quintett (w/ B. Burkert, T. Kolarczyk, F. Rösch)

Awards: Jazzpreis Saarbrücken 2015/ Junger Deutscher Jazzpreis 2016/ Münchner Jazzpreis 2016

Of Cabbages And Kings

Awards:Doerken Stiftung 2017/ 2. Preis Jazzpreis Burghausen 2018/ 3. Sparda Jazz Award 2016

•CD- Recording w/ SoundtripOrchestra feat. Chris Potter

Photo by Ravi Sejk